Our professional office-center will become an office address for your company. We will receive and keep all the mail correspondence and faxes that will come to your company`s address. Professional secretaries will answer the calls that come to your company, in your company`s name.

You do not need to rent an office and employ personnel, quality services for business must not be expensive. We can provide a professional yet cost effective solution to all your corporate needs.

Polite secretary and comfortable office in the center of Nicosia are maybe the essential attributes of a successful business.

All the correspondence that comes to this address will be handed to you. You will also become an individual telephone number and all calls will be answered by a professional secretary. He will answer the calls on you company`s behalf and answer all questions based on the information that will be given by you. All left messages will be written down and handed to you. If you need we can organize incoming calls forwarding to any other number — stationary or mobile.

It doesn’t matter where you are but our virtual office will help you always stay in touch and not miss any call or message. Do your business and we will take care of comfort.

Fee is given upon request depending on the value of the work. Applicable only for reputable clients, if the application succeeds, the client will have to deposit an amount as guarantee and place a standing order for settlement of the monthly bill.