Every company is looking for a competitive advantage in the modern dynamic business environment that we all operate. For many companies, the prestige that comes from having an address at a location of stature in a European city is a key selling point. Unfortunately, the high cost of setting up and staffing such an office can be an unaffordable luxury. ITN NETWORKS & ITN Design is one of the few service providers able to offer its global Clientele the virtual office service.

Fully operated by ITN NETWORKS & ITN Design dedicated team in Nicosia, Cyprus, the service has been designed to satisfy the needs of businesses active in Cyprus that require all the substantial business benefits that a fully-functional office can offer, but would rather have us keep their office by combining our actual and virtual business environment. Our services in detail:

Telephone Center services:

Dedicated telephone lines | A professional receptionist answers the calls in the Client company name, handles the call and takes messages which are forwarded according to the instructions and needs of the Client.

Shared telephone line | The Client company’s calls are handled on its behalf by ITN NETWORKS and messages are forwarded according to the instructions and needs of the Client.      

Fax Center services:

Dedicated fax number | Client company is provided with its own unique fax number and faxes received are forwarded according to the needs and instructions of the Client.

Shared fax number | Faxes are received at a shared fax number and are collected and forwarded accordingly.

Registered Office services:

The Client Company is provided with a Registered Office address in the center of Lefkosia, the financial and  trading hub of Cyprus.

Mail Forwarding services:

Mail is collected at the postal address provided to the Client and it is forwarded accordingly.

Our Internet services:

Domain | Unique domain name at .com or .com.cy and any other Worldwide extension assigned to the Client company and maintained on its behalf. We are able to register domains also in BVI, Belize and Seychelles.

Email addresses | Unlimited email accounts for use by the Client company in the company’s domain name, all hosted by ITN NETWORKS.

Email correspondence management | Collecting and/or handling emails on behalf of the Client company.

Website | Our team of experts can design according to clients needs a website representation of the company, from an informative stylish website to a complete Content Management System.

Server Hosting:

ITN NETWORKS provides hosting for your server requirements, through which our Clients are provided with a  dedicated server, choosing their own hardware and/or software and receiving the support of our expert IT Team. Data storage takes place at a world-class data storage facility with a 24/7 security team on-site. Environmental control systems, fire suppression and round-the-clock security support complete our service.

Email Hosting:

Our managed Email Hosting service includes all the hardware and software necessary to provide your business with a state-of-the-art solution. Our clients benefit from features such as anti-spam, anti-virus, sharing employee calendars, synching mobile devices and real time mail delivery, all through our dedicated email hosting service.

Corporate Image - Design Services

Design services for the Client Company through our Graphic Designers that will include corporate image, logos, brochures and catalogues.